Challenges and glory ahead: Asian Games to illuminate dreams in Hangzhou

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The eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou, together with five other co-host cities, has begun hosting a green, smart, economical and ethical Asian Games.

The official opening ceremony in the capital of Zhejiang province is not until Saturday, but competition is already underway in group matches in some sports.


The 19th Asian Games is the largest edition ever, with more than 12,400 athletes from 45 countries and regions set to compete in 40 sports, 61 disciplines, and 481 events.

Timor-Leste has sent a 40-member delegation, to compete in 11 sports such as swimming, boxing, and beach volleyball.


“We are ready to receive athletes and guests from around the world after eight years of preparation,” Chen Weiqiang, executive secretary-general of the Games’ organizing committee and vice-mayor of Hangzhou, said while celebrating the 30-day countdown to the opening ceremony.

“We’d like to give athletes from across the world our best wishes and greetings from Hangzhou,” Vice Mayor Sun Xudong said last Sunday, at the opening ceremony for the Asian Games Village, where athletes are staying.

“I believe Zhejiang is all set for the Games,” Abrao dos Santos, ambassador of Timor-Leste to China, told reporters during his inspection in Hangzhou in early September.

There are a total of 56 competition venues and 31 training venues, which have been newly built or renovated.

The Asian Games Village, five Asian Games sub-villages and three reception hotels for athletes providing comfortable accommodation for athletes, technical staff and media during the Games.

No rest for the best

Many athletes are attending the Asian Games straight from world championships, without any rest, because they are committed to taking part in the multi-sport event.

One example is China’s gymnast Zou Jingyuan, who is also a world champion.

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Known as the “King of Parallel Bars”, the young gun said his great expectation is that the Chinese team can keep stable and perform well.

Game on!

During the Games, the city of Hangzhou will be an window to showcase the city’s culture, sports vibe and cutting-edge technologies.

It is a grand gathering of athletes from Asia. The Games is not only for competing, but for cultural communication, and to feel local people’s love for sports.

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