Poverty, the public issue (Reflection of philosophy)

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By ; Martinho do Nascimento ObeTsutai Neno”

Now, I would like to delve ideas about of poverty according to perspective of philosophy. I am extremely to think of poverty and at this week I thought it best to talk on philosophy of life.


Unfortunately, the poverty is not new things for us but a social reality that has always been real in journey of human beings life or the history of humanity.

This has become a realityof human beings life and will not be cut off or escape, except we would figure out and reduce it slowly. Since time immemorial until now poverty has become a polemics and common preoccupation for all nations over the world, may it be highly develop or developing nations.

And the preoccupation for this perfect reality did not only happen among civil society but has been happening with godly people; for instance, Jesus Christ himself was born in poverty.

Hence in his mission of salvation he had been chosen for the poverty as a principle for him. So thatI invite you all to interpret and find out the meaning of destitution and who are the poor’s. And I hereby want to reflect with you about destitution according to perspective philosophy of sociology.

Poverty is general scarcity or death or the state of one who clacks a certain amount of material possession or money. It is multifaceted concept, which includes social, economic, and political element.

Therefore poverty seems to be chronic or temporary and most of the time it is closely related to inequality. In relation with this issue, according to Aristotle’s philosophy “man is a social animal (animalae socialae) by the way the men needed to live together in the community.

It means that man did not perfect yet and with his imperfection has been depending upon other people to survive. However, with the existentialist Martin Heidegger said “human beings are gregarious”.

Nobody lives alone in this world as the saying goes “no man is an island”. Naturally our community originates from a family which is called the wider society. Therefore we need to live together sharing one another with what over we have. May it be material things, equality in social status, talents; so that poverty will be lessened?

 Furthermore, Karl Marx now focuses attention on the poverty in the part of extern such as physic and material reality. It means that the poor’s who got poor in the part of physic-materials necessities.

For instance, for those (proletariat class) who got deprivation of resident, intake, refresment, money, unemployment, employers who are got depression, health care, sanitation ect. By means that the proletariat class must emancipate itself  without the help of the government. This is absolutely poverty or destitution because refers to the deprivation of basic human needs. Hence destitution occurred because of consequence of injustice society and corrupt.

According to this perspective of philosophy, personally, I thought that we can research destitution life closely in our reality or our latest situation. Particularly, the poor’s and voice of the voiceless did not pay attention yet, may it from state and govern part.

Concrete example, recently someone who wants to apply for any vacancy, firstly willy-nilly you must have godfather or godmother “padrinho ou madrinha” in one institution, so that you can access for selection process or you will be eligible. Otherwise when you do not have this critery I thought you can not dream on midday to apply.

Therefore, through this unfortunately situation we can state that for those who do not have godfather and godmother will be foreigners in your own nation Timor Leste.

In conclusion, I personally thought that poverty or destitution is real and will always be a public issue and preoccupation for all human beings in this world specially our beloved country Timor Leste.

However, naturally man is a social animal which is not architect or masre-crafsman but needs one another to share and to live together in one community. Extremely, Erich Fromm said “ nós somos chamados à vida de solidariedade na sociedade em que pertencemos, para que a natureza social do homen não seja separada da sua existência social, mas se torne uma só coisa com ela”.

Thereof each of us especially for stake holders just has invitation to struggle and to reduce the poverty through promotion of social justice for all people in all aspect of life. Through effort of us, one day we will reduce the destitution in our community and nation.

Martinho do Nascimento Obe, Alumni ISFIT Fatumeta, Faculdade de Filosofia (2013-2016), actualmente Estudante Mestrado Direito iha UNPAZ. Opinião Pessoal. Iha sujestaun bele haruka mai iha address email:cono.mutis@gmail.com,ou bele contacto +67077749662/75253302).

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