Naval Warship Qi Jiguang Docks In Dili

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DILI: China’s Navy Components, “Qi Jiguang,” officially visited Timor-Leste for the fifth time. The objective of this visit is to further strengthen the bilateral cooperation between Timor-Leste and China.

The Chinese Navy arrived in Timor-Leste early this morning and docked at Dili Port at 9:00 a.m.


The Chinese Navy force docked at the Port of Dili and was received by the Vice Chief of Staff of the East Timor Defense Force (F-FDTL), Major General Calisto dos Santos “Coli Coliati,” accompanied by the Chinese Ambassador to Timor-Leste Wang Wenli, leaders of the Ministry of Defense, and the F-FDTL’s Navy Component.

The Chinese naval military components. Spend Their visit started from May 30th, 2024, to June 3rd, 2024.

After visiting the Navy, F-FDTL Major General Calisto dos Santos, “Coli Coliati,” said that the presence of the Chinese Navy in Timor-Leste is a part of maritime tradition in the world with the aim of strengthening cooperation.

A visit from our Chinese partners to Timor-Leste is part of the tradition of exercise. This is a sign to strengthen our cooperation between China and Timor-Leste, “the Vice-General of State for the General Staff of the FALITIL-Timor-Leste Defense Force (F-FDTL), Major General Calisto Dos Santos, Coli Coli Coliati,” told journalists after a visit to the Qi Jiguang in Dili Port on Thursday.

Major General said that during the stay of the Chinese naval forces in Timor-Leste, they will visit the National Defense Institute (IDN) for academic studies; they will also visit the F-FDTL Naval Component in Hera; and they will also have a friendly game between the Chinese Naval Forces and the F-FDTL Naval Forces.

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